The Hollyford Pyke Expedition

Packraft the Hollyford Pyke Loop expedition combines our Packrafting 2-day beginner course and 5 days of pure wilderness around the famous Hollyford Pyke Loop. This is arguably the Holy Grail of New Zealand packrafting and once in a lifetime trip. Giving you access to an area normally only visited by very experienced backcountry travelers. While the expedition is a tremendously rewarding adventure, it is not for the meek.


Please make sure you do understand the mental and physical demands of this expedition. Any questions please contact us.

Expedition costs:

Summer Season (Nov-April): $3000.
Winter & Pre-Season (May & Sep&Oct): $2,500 – on request min of 4 participants


If you don’t want to stay with us you will have to organize your own accommodation in town. We do provide transport from town to us and back.

Only for your way to us before and after the trip. Plenty of room here to leave your car whilst in the bush :-)

If Yes – please get in contact with us.

We need a min of 2 participants for a private tour. Please get in contact with us after booking.

STOP! Before you give us all your details and part with your hard-earned cash, we have something for you to read. It won't take long (we promise).

Your safety and the safety of the other participants depend on both your mental and physical fitness during the expedition. We provide guidance in the form of training plans to make sure you are ready. Take them seriously. If you don't, you may not be allowed to participate.