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Hi all, we are in the process of redoing our website and giving our product range a big update.

For next season we will have 3 main expeditions on the books:

  • Lake Manapouri Expedition ( 3 days – self-guided or optional guide ). This is our beginner expedition

  • The Hollyford / Pyke Expedition will run from Jan 2021 onward with 1 departure every month. Bookings will open the for the season 21 / 22 on June 1st.

  • The Wairaurahiri is our intermediate /advanced expedition. Trials will run in for most of the season 21/22. If you are interested please get in contact with us.

Our shop will get some awesome new product additions as we signed up some very cool new brands. We will also have some pricing changes and options.


We are rebuilding our products and Website at the moment and hoping to go live very soon


Packrafts are:

  • Super light, weighing as little as 2.3 kg!
  • Extremely stable, even in whitewater.
  • Small, packing down to the size of one man tent
  • Super robust and hard to damage, but easy to fix
  • Much more comfortable then a normal kayak 
  • Highly addictive (consider yourself warned…)
  • Able to carry heaps of gear, even a bike!

Packrafting, in short, is a mix of kayaking (or rafting) and tramping. They are paddled like a kayak but have the stability of a raft. The boats themselves are super light and fold down to the size of a one man tent. Designed for full-on wilderness expeditions but can be used just about anywhere from oceans to lakes to wild rivers. 

Day trips, multi day trips and / or massive expeditions; hunting, fishing or even a leisurely Sunday float on your nearest lake are all options. All you need to do is “show up and blow up” to start having fun. We are using Alpacka Rafts, the original / first modern packraft from Alaska because, in our eyes they are hands down the best.

Here is a link to the Hollyford Pyke Expedition and its changes and state post floods : 

More info click here

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