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Day Tours

Day tours are the best way to discover the packraft world. If you have cabin feaver or just need a break from your routine, come out for a day, play, learn some new skills or simply relax on the day tours

Multi day Tours

From overnight beginner tour to a 7 day wilderness expedition where you can

get fully submerged into the world of packrafting and escape reality for a while and live the packrafting lifestyle.

Packrafting Store

We are the official dealer for Alpacka Rafts and Hyperlight Mountain gear here in New Zealand. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email us!


Wanting to go on your own adventure and don’t have the gear yet ? Our rental boats are the right choice for you.

Alpacka Demo Program

In the market to buy a Packraft? We have the latest Alpacka Rafts for you to test so that you can try before you buy!

Special Events

New to packrafting or want more experience & skills!? Join our skill&rescue courses and step up to the challenges ahead.




Packrafting Nz – Latest news

Rescue& Skill Course Dates Spring 2017

Hi all We have decided on our packrafting Rescue & Skill course dates for spring 2017. Our Basic course will run Sep 31 + Oct 1. Unless water levels are not good enough we will run that course at Mavora lakes again as this is an awesome location for the beginner class. This course is […]

Don’t miss our next Skill&Rescue Course

Partnered with the swift water institute from the US we are running beginner and advanced packrafting skill&rescue courses. Next course is 1+2 April which will be the beginner course and the week after on the 7+8 April we’ll run the advanced course. Both courses are planed to be at mavora lakes and we will be […]

A day at the office

Another hard day at our office – waking up with a view like this and you can forget the long days we all spend in front of computers and flickering screens forgetting the real world. We took time out to test our new 3 day adventure and we have picked some awesome days to do […]

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