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Packrafting, "a journey of discovery"  

Welcome to the unique and unparalleled experience of packrafting--a mix of hiking and paddling that takes you on a journey of discovery, exploring rugged landscapes by foot and “mild to wild” waters by boat.  


What we do  :

- Small & personal Groups of max 6 people

- Day tours for packrafting beginners

- Multi day tours, from beginner friendly overnight trips to a 6 day long expedition

- Packraft Rentals

- Alpacka Raft Sales & Demo Fleet

- Packrafting Online Shop

- Packrafting Rescue & Skill Courses

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Quick Facts

  • The Packraft Experience

    When it comes to outdoor adventure, we hate to choose between things.  Thankfully, packrafts keep us from having to! We think you just can't beat the mix of hiking, climbing, camping and paddling that these little boats make possible. You get to experience the land in so many different ways, hiking through forests, up glacier carved valleys or over mountains; paddling across lakes, down rivers or in the ocean (sometimes even all in the same day); and camping in stunning wilderness locations that can be simply inaccessible by any other means.  Packrafts, simply put, redefine outdoor adventure.  

  • Our Alpacka Packrafts

    Alpacka Rafts are our trusted brand of packraft. Born in Alaska, packrafts are quickly becoming the most used outdoor tool when it comes to exploring new and remote corners of our planet that only few people will ever see. Weighing only 2.5kg and folding down to the size of a one-man tent they are small and light enough to add to a standard tramping kit for use in crossing rivers, lakes or to make navigating coastlines safer and easier; or, like we do, you can plan entire trips around packrafting!

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  • Company Information

    We are a small company based in Te Anau & Queenstown (New Zealand)--born out of a love for the outdoors and packrafting--that provide very unique and exclusive wilderness experiences. Bookings can only be made direct ( website ) or through a few selected agents. Best contact is via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our phone lines are not always directly answered but leave name and number and we will call you back to discuss your next adventure as soon as we’re out of the hills!


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  • Best Time to travel

    People are always asking when the best time to come to New Zealand is, and well, we believe it is always is a good time to visit, with each season offering it’s own charms. Winter has snow-capped mountains, spectacular views, and clear crisp mornings. In Spring, lambs bounce around the fields, trees blooming and there are longer daylight hours. Summer from Oct. to April is the main travel season with mostly warm and wonderfully long days. Autumn is an escape from the busiest season--cooler, quieter, but oh-so-beautiful as the leaves on the trees change colour and the first dusting of snow arrives on the hills.Our trips run year round, and we recommend coming out more than once to experience Nz's many moods!

  • Booking Information

    As we are a small company we are trying to make our adventures as affordable as possible..

    • Bookings can only be made direct through our secure & fast online system or through a few selected booking agents
    • Our booking phone will not always be answered directly please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For questions about our trips or general questions try our FAQ section and the trip information taps.



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Community Packrafting Initiative:

Expedition X is committed to promoting the benefits of outdoor adventure through packrafting to community non-profit groups, including (but not limited to) secondary schools, sporting societies, and scouts. We will work  eagerly with such groups to provide low cost packrafting options priced depending on the group size and the trip duration. Our goal is to provide these opportunities so that cost is not a barrier of participation, with per person cost off up to 80% off the official commercial rate.  The discounts offered through this initiative represent a significant contribution of company resources and guide time.  

If you are the representative of a school, youth organization, sporting society, or other similar non-profit group whos membership who is keen to learn about the wonderful world of packrafting, please get in touch.