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Didymo is a species of aquatic weed that has a negative impact on the natural evironment of waterways and is easily spread.  The Department of Conservation is working hard to educate river users on how to prevent the spread of Didymo and has taken several measures to help them minimize/eliminate the potential negative consequences of boating in the region.  Packrafting NZ is a proud partner of these efforts, and maintains a high standard and requirement for cleaning gear after each use in contaminated or potentially contaminated waterways.  In addition to doing our part to keep our gear clean, we go out of our way to explain to those packrafting with us about how they can go about aiding in the fight against the spread of didymo as well.  Below is a link to official documentation about didymo. 

Our cleaning procedures include:

  • Full immersion in DOC approved cleaning solution of all boats and wetsuits after each use.  
  • Full inspection of all paddles/backpacks/pfd's to ensure complete dryness before use in non-didymo affected waterways
  • Full immersion cleaning of all personal guide gear before use in non-didymo affected waterways. 
  • Carrying of concentrate cleaning solution on all multiday trips
  • Full inspection of all client personal gear before multiday trips, with additional cleaning/drying as necessary.

If we all work together, we can help keep the rivers clean for future generations of packrafters!