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Best Time To Packraft New Zealand

Thinking of joining us on our Packrafting adventures here in New Zealand? The next decision you'll need to make is when to come. New Zealand is a small island nation in the Southwest Pacific, and so the weather tends to be pretty unpredictable. That said, it means that you can come at any time of year and still get awesome days! Here at the other side of the world (or right side, depending on how you look at it!) our seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere’s and most people choose to visit New Zealand during our summer season, which is November through March. In terms of weather and the seasons, here's what our year normally looks like.



New Zealand truly does come into its own in the summer, as an outdoor lover's paradise. Particularly between the months of December to February you'll see people at the beach, hiking in the forest or biking on our cycling trails. It's a popular time of year for getting outdoors in nature, and experiencing life at a slower pace. 

December - The start of summer, warm weather and a buzz in the air leading up to the holidays. The days are reaching their longest hours, making for plenty of time to go adventuring. Always a fantastic month to be in New Zealand.

January - Warmest month, heaps going on and the festive spirit carries on from Christmas! There are lots of summer events at this time of year, with races of all shapes and sizes most weekends, as well as festivals and concerts. 

February - Mid-summer and another fabulous and very popular month to be in New Zealand. Races and triathlons are held throughout the country each weekend, to take part in or just watch! Slap on the sunscreen and wear a hat.



If you want to escape the busiest season on the trails, then fall months are great for hiking. It's a little cooler, a little quieter, but so beautiful as the leaves on the trees change colour and the first dustings of snow arrive on the hills. As long as you've got a few layers of clothing, you're in for a treat because you will have most of the hiking trails to yourself.

March - Late-summer, warm days, summer breezes and moderate daylight hours to make the most of being outdoors. It's still common to get a few hot days in March, so covering up from the sun is still important! 

April - Start of Fall/Autumn - stunning colours as the leaves change colour on the trees. Crisp, clear days and there may be a bite in the air some days so you'll need an extra layer or two, but all in all it's a beautiful month and a great time to be here.

May - Early-winter, temperature dropping, but still some beautiful days.



A lot of people don't realise how nice and beautiful New Zealand is in the winter! It's an amazing time to come packrafting in New Zealand – the trails are quiet and the mountains all around are snow-capped. There’s even a few hot pools that you can trek to amongst the mountains. We are alway going to at least one winter trip going as we belive this is one of the best times to go out and enjoy

June is the officiall start of winter and the beginning of the wait for the first snow and the ski fields to open. It's also time for Queenstown Winter Festival, a great event held annually with plenty of activities for the whole family. 

July - Winter - ski fields open and it's all go on the mountain! At the same time, the trails are even more peaceful and serene than normal, so it's an amazing time of year to hike&paddle the backcountry valley rivers and trails.



The sun warms up and the days are getting longer. We all love spring with lambs bouncing around the fields, trees blooming and the longer daylight hours. Spring is an excellent time to visit New Zealand and while November tends to be fairly quiet on the tourist front, it's certainly not a bad time to be here. Being an outdoor adventure company, our season really starts in early November.

September - Late-winter, temperatures are getting warmer with the odd snowy day. Nights can still be cold'ish.

October - A change is in the air as spring comes around! There are warmer days and longer daylight hours.

November - Mid-spring, beautiful days, a little bit windy on occasion, but not too many tourists aroun