Alpacka Packraft Demo

New Zealand


 Packrafting NZ has a limited number of Demo Boats available for trials.  These are not available as standard rentals.  We have the latest Alpacka Raft toys for you to test. See below ( not limited to )

  • Alpacka Series ( Llama, Yak, Alpacka )
  • Gnu 2016/2017 model
  • Alpackalypse 2015/2016 model

The new 2017/18 line up demos boats will come soon. 

  • Gnarwhal
  • The new Gnu 
  • Fiord Explorer 42

These boats can be sent out for Weekends only for those considering purchase of one of these boats as a sort of ‘try before you buy’ option.  For demo orders boats will arrive on a Friday and need to be back in the post the following Monday.  Cost is $50 per boat for the weekend, which just covers shipping our time in getting the boat in the post.

Multiple demo requests to the same person will not be allowed, however, as the program is not designed to take the place of rentals.

We will use your Credit card information as a deposit to ensure the boats are returned promptly and in good condition.



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